Go to the Movies by Yourself

There’s something really comforting and cozy about sitting on a couch even by yourself and enjoying a movie. Perhaps under a blanket or while mindlessly munching on popcorn as you vicariously get taken to another world by way of cinema. Particularly when things are tough, watching a movie can quiet and dull all sorts of mind chatter and heartache. I remember after a particularly bad break up several years ago, I kept a movie log (surprise, surprise, I log everything) and my movie count for an entire summer ran over EIGHTY movies. Kym accompanied me once that summer to Blockbuster and to my utter embarrassment, the Blockbuster dude told her to take me out.

All that said, what about going to the movies by yourself? I’ve been doing this for years and cannot remember the first movie I saw by myself. Sporadically, I have opened up about this solo activity of mine and am often reacted to with shock and or involuntary pity and always with curiosity. “Don’t you feel like a loser?” gets asked often. My answer is no. I have only one stipulation I place on myself out of insecurity and that is to avoid Friday and Saturday nights. Those are the only times I feel self-conscious. Otherwise, it feels very indulgent. I even break out date night outfits to make it more of a treat. So there you have it, I’m a proponent for going out to the movies solo every once in a while.

Some advantages of going to the movies on your own

  • Feels just like you’re watching a movie in your living room but with a much, much bigger screen.
  • No awkward reach overs to share popcorn. It’s all yours!
  • If you avoid Friday and Saturday evenings, a movie theatre provides a very quiet haven to just sit and be before your movie starts.
  • You don’t have to have a date to wear a date outfit. (I wore my sparkly headband last night.)

Question: Have you been to the movies by yourself? If so, what have you seen?

P.S. Saw An Education last night. A WONDERFUL film. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.