3rd Annual New Year’s Balloon Release

Balloons waiting to be written on

Every year at aroud New Year’s for the past 3 years, Kim and I, inspired by an article in O magazine, release balloons. We adapted what Lance Armstrong’s ex-wife did (she released balloons to symbolize things she was letting go) and we write on 2 balloons. One with the things we want to let go from the year prior, the other with things we desire and hope for in the year to come. It’s an extremely girly thing to do but we enjoy it tremendously and look forward to it when a year draws to an end.

Each balloon gets a quotation.

Our quotation chosen for our wishes, desires, and hopes balloon

Our regrets and letting go balloon

Kim adding to our wishes and desires for 2010.

A glimpse of what we hope for

More things we’re hoping for

Things to let go

More things we’re letting go

Video of our balloon release

Cheers to 2010!