2009 Resolutions and 2010 Resolutions

I love making resolutions. I think it helps me to progress in life. I had a really good year in 2008 and completed almost ALL of my resolutions. In 2009, namely due to resigning my job as a research coordinator and being unemployed for 5 months, I didn’t do well keeping my resolutions. The only three resolutions I accomplished from my list was have a whole year’s worth of funds saved up as an emergency fund (it ended up being VERY useful during my stint with unemployment), write in my paper journal once a week, I reading 20 books in 2009 (I read between 24-30 books), and continue doing my new things of the week (going on 5 years now!).

I’m feel like I have better footing this year and here are my resolutions for 2010.


  • Rebuild year’s worth of emergency fund. (5.5K) I just transferred over 500 (1/11).
  • Transfer over my 401K from my previous job to my Roth IRA.
  • Do my own taxes.
  • Keep outings with my little from Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America on a budget.



  • Run a 5k for a charity.
  • See my little from Big Brothers & Sisters 2-3 times a month
  • Donate to every sponsorship for charity my friends take part in.


  • Try at least 3 times to mend a relationship with a family member.
  • Not leave drawers and cabinet doors open. (I don’t know how this bad habit started!)
  • Go to Houston ten times this year to visit friends and family.
  • Be more organized.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you make them?