5 Books I’m Bringing to Spain


Some of the first things I pack when I leave on a trip are books. I get more reading done when I’m on vacation then generally in my everyday life. I guess not having a laptop with internet connection to distract me helps! I’m heading to Barcelona this week and in an effort to reduce the weight of my carry-on, I’m taking advantage of the new Kindle my sister bought me. I also made sure to accommodate my budget by only bringing books readily available to download from my local library. These five books made the cut!

Men We Reaped

Jesmyn Ward lost five men in five years and wrote about what she learned in grieving these men and asking why they died. Her revelations comment on racism and poverty.

Truth & Beauty

Have I told you one of my biggest travel regret? I try to visit a bookstore at every travel destintation when possible. I was roadtripping through Nashville and planned on visiting Ann Patchett’s bookstore. I had a small window of time one morning before having to drive to Kentucky. What did I do instead? I got sucked into a Scandal marathon on Netflix. Oh the shame!

Anyway, I read an essay of Ann Patchett’s in her book, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage that first informed me of her book about her friendship with Lucy Grealy, Truth & Beauty. I forgot that this book was on my list to read until a recent episode of I Feel Better Podcast when Ashley told us about Autobiography of a Face, a memoir written by Lucy. I looked up Autobiography of a Face but the library didn’t have it ready. Luckily, they had Truth & Beauty!

I love the meandering paths of how books come to find you.

A Room of One’s Own

I read A Room of One’s Own on assignment in high school but don’t remember the experience. Actually, I haven’t read Virginia Woolf since high school and I’m ready to dive in on my own accord.

Fates & Furies

I’ve seen this title around last year but never investigated. Then Lisa listed it as one of her favorite books read in 2015. We had a lot of books in common so I figured I should give this one a try too!

How to be Single

I only heard of this book because of the movie released this year, which I haven’t seen either. Downloaded in hopes that it’s a fun and light read. I’m not particularly excited about this book but just curious enough to peek.

So that’s my book loot for my trip this week. You can also check out the 50 books I read in 2015.

Question: What books have you recently enjoyed?

  • Exciting! Do you typically read on the plane or do you find time to read at your destination?

    • Both! I love planes and ferries for reading.

  • lisasyarns

    When I read this on my phone yesterday, I just looked at the titles and didn’t look at the text underneath, so I didn’t notice the shout-out! :) I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did! You were smart to download books on your kindle for this trip! That’s what I do when I travel as it’s just too much work to lug lots of books around! Although I will be traveling with Lonesome Dove next week when I go to CA for work because I can’t put that book down and read something else! Although, maybe I will burn through it this week?

    I read some great books in August including the Steve Jobs biography, which was super interesting and way more engaging than I thought it would be, and a light Sophie Kinsella book called Finding Audrey. Kinsella’s books usually annoy me because they are so chick-litty and over the top with their ridiculous plot lines, but Finding Audrey was a sweet book a girl with anxiety.

    • You made my day saying you can’t put Lonesome Dove down! WOO!

      I read your blog post yesterday (it’s still marked unread so I can remember to go back and comment) and saw you read Steve Jobs biography! That’s another doozy.

      I am in the middle of Goldfinch and it’s just so heavy at 800 pages so I think I’ll be keeping it at home. :(

  • mef

    Where/when was that picture taken? It’s confusing me

    • Greece!

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  • Ooh, fun! I sometimes do a combination of 1 to 2 physical books along with my Kindle loaded with books for trips. I haven’t read any of these books yet! The last book I thoroughly enjoyed was Jane Steele. Sooooo delightful!

    • I just caught up with your blog before catching up with my emails (and seeing this comment). I added Jane Steele to my TBR list!