5 Ways #VEDA Changed My Life

It’s the month of VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August)! You can find more information here. I’m probably not going to embed the vlogs on this blog every day like I did last two August. I may post them all on the weekends. I realize some of my blog readers don’t care too much for a vlog EVERY DAY and that way I won’t clog their readers. You can also stay up to date on my personal Youtube channel.

My introduction and first vlog of the month is below:

In the vlog I compare VEDA to something akin to summer camp and I also mention that it changed my life. I thought I’d expand on the life changing part of VEDA! Here are 5 ways #VEDA has changed my life.

  1. I met a handful of my closest friends through #VEDA. Some of the friendships have moved to offline meetings and trips and dates. I run to the park and call Treavor whenever I need a friendly ear. I email Ashley (aka The Captain aka @writetoreach) about 400 times a day.
  2. It’s been over a year now since I’ve shared Totes Awesome Channel with 3-4 VEDA alums. I love these girls.
  3. Talking to a camera is not so weird for me anymore. I still have bad eye contact but it doesn’t weird me out so much!
  4. Before VEDA, I never subscribed to Youtube channels. I only followed blogs. Because of VEDA, I was now keen that there were Youtube channels with regular awesome content. I started following Youtubers for the fun of it!
  5. I have this scar that runs along my spine from having back surgery where they attach rods to your spine. The scar is very apparent and you can still see some curvature in my back that the rods partially corrected. I have always been self-conscious of the scar and did things like swim with a t-shirt over my bathing suit and always wear my hair long.

    During the first year of VEDA, one of the suggested topics was to talk about our self-image. I demonstrated how flat-chested I am and also showed my scar. It was really uncomfortable for me and I might have cried. Still, I pushed past my breakdown and uploaded the video. I’m SO glad I did that; I was SO close to skipping that day. I was really just shocked at how quickly the supportive comments came in. They gave me some perspective and I felt loved. By complete strangers on the internet!

    Since then, I no longer consider the people who left the kind comments strangers. Since then, I’m still a little shy about my scar but it’s not something that unravels me. I wore my hair in a side braid and had no coverup during pool day at Bloggers in Sin City. I felt like a brave girl that day!

Basically, I cannot imagine what life would look like had I not joined #VEDA.

Comment and tell me about a decision you’ve made that changed your life!