7 Friday Quick Takes (vol 34)


This past week, I’ve been seeing things through new eyes which makes me feel pretty groggy and disoriented. I think the disorientation is manifesting itself into me physically. Yesterday, I fell and or tripped four times.


Do you guys know about the Asian Flush? Neville once demonstrated what Asian flush looks like using a picture of us and Photoshop.

See Take No. 5 for the antidote to the Asian Flush.


Cindy made me a purple penguin friend. I need a name for this little guy. Any suggestions?


Dear Valentine’s Day Haters.

Read this: http://theoatmeal.com/blog/valentines_day

– Linda


The cure for the Asian Flush is Pepcid AC. It keeps you from turning red and increases your tolerance a bit (that is if you don’t over use it).

Funny story about the night this picture was taken: I was meeting up with Thomas and two of his family members, whom I rarely see but once or twice a year, and those family members’ girlfriends, whom I was first meeting. We were hanging out at someone’s home before going out to grab some drinks and making bold assumptions regarding how much fun we plan on having. I announced, whipping out that single serve packet of Pepcid, “I came prepared!”

I mean, sure, it’s not the best of jokes but I expected maybe a hint of knowing laughs, as we were ALL Asian. Nothing. Crickets. Where were my courtesy laughs?

Finally one of the girlfriends, trying to control judgment from her voice, feebly asked, “Did you just whip out a condom?”

When I frantically cleared the air with, “NO! It’s a PEPCID!”, the rest of the room exhaled with laughter muttering about how they thought the same thing.

Jeez. I sure know how to leave great impressions.


My fantasy life is so much more colorful and impulsive than my reality. I have a strong hold on my emotions and how I express them but it doesn’t mean that I don’t fantasize about kicking shins, throwing drinks in people’s faces, exposing frauds, and cursing people out. Sometimes the high road can be so limiting.


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ SXSW festivities ♥ seeing my solemate (deliberate misspelling) ♥ searching for L.L. Cool J with former roommate ♥ phone calls with my BFF ♥ my best dudie friends calling me at work under the pseudonym, Bernard Shaw ♥ free lunch because the restaurant manager has a crush on my girl friend ♥ free lunch because boss felt like treating the whole lab ♥ waking up to a picture text of a friend’s new born baby ♥ homemade cake balls ♥ going on a quest for green beer on St. Patrick’s Day ♥ playing Just Dance on Wii

Question: What should I name my penguin friend?