A “Never Have We Ever” Party!

Rebecca from Receccamendations partnered up with Eat Out In and held a contest on her blog. Eat Out In is a Texan company that offers delivery from a slew of restaurants they have as partners. The contest was to pitch a dinner party idea and describe what kind of food you would serve with a 250 dollar budget from one of the restaurants that is serviced by Eat Out In. As I glanced over the list, I saw a dim sum restaurant and in a flash I had a party idea.

I pitched my idea to host a “Never Have We Ever Party” and only invite ladies who haven’t had dim sum. The menu would be dim sum and the purpose of the party is to inspire people to tackle their bucket lists or draft one up. I was ecstatic to learn that my party idea was chosen and I won 250 dollars to spend on food! The original restaurant I chose in my pitch was moving so I went with Indian food, which was less novel than dim sum but there’s no complaining about delicious Indian food.

I recruited my former roommate as my co-host because I know that she enjoys themed dinners as much as I do. Hello, let me remind you that we threw a couple of Alphabet Potlucks when we were roomies. What ultimately transpired after we combined powers was a magical night of female bonding with old and new friends.

How’s about a tour of our night?

We provided checklists to our guests of things they were able to do at our party. Please note that no one chose to streak or skinny dip, but we just wanted to let everyone know she had options!

We set up a Post Secret confessional. There were postcards already pre-addressed with the Post Secret address and some art supplies. Stamps were also provided to ensure anonymous and independent mailing.

We also had a station set up to write your own bucket lists. Brandi and I framed ours to provide inspiration and we also had a couple of books laid out for ideas. We suggested to our guests to frame the list when they return home and place it where they can see it daily.

The snack table was a fun focus point of our party.

Mochi desserts, dried squid, shrimp chips, and meal worm cookies

Yes, I said meal worms.

I’m so proud of this group of ladies! Of the eight attendees, six ventured to try eating toasted meal worms! Here’s a reaction video of most of them.

Youtube Channel

We provided a ramshackle photo booth. I basically threw in my old Halloween costumes for props.

We had a cigar smoking station with different flavors. Chocolate was the favorite!

Rooh Afza

My dear friend Brittany came bearing gifts. One of which was a rose flavoring from India called, Rooh Afza. She used to flavor our water with this while we watched True Blood. More delicious than those bottles of blood they serve at Merlots!

Of the things not pictured, we also had a hookah with watermelon flavoring, grass jelly drinks (everyone tried and liked except for one person), chocolate wine, aloe vera juice (a favorite), and a karaoke machine.

Oh, and the food. The food was so good and plentiful. A few guests took some home for lunch the next day and Brandi and I both saved plenty for our boyfriends.

When I sent out my invites, I asked that each friend bring a guest. Consequently I didn’t know half the girls there, but by the end of the night I know they have chiseled a space in my heart! We have since stayed in contact via Facebook and there’s already talk about making this party a biannual event. Our first “Never have We Ever” Party won’t be our last!

Thank you again to Rebecca and Eat Out In for making this night possible.

Question: What is the smallest and easiest thing on your bucket list?