A toast and 8 Lessons I Learned Doing VEDA

Today is the last day of VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) and the suggested topic is to give a toast. Thanks again for riding this out with me. I did a whopping total of two video blogs before doing VEDA so I was pretty much a vlog noob. I’ve learned a few things and enjoyed myself. Follows is a list of lessons I’ve learned doing VEDA and after that I posted the video of the toast.

8 Lessons I Learned Doing VEDA

  1. You should turn off your cell phone and video chat when video blogging.
  2. Video blogging regularly (try every day in one month) helps you be more comfortable with the way you look and sound.
  3. Music pulls together montages.
  4. The shorter the video blog the better. The duration of the video is almost like your first impression. I learned this because as I went through VEDA vlogs of others, I noticed I put off watching the longer videos as long as I could.
  5. When video blogging often (try every day in a month), changing settings keeps things fresh.
  6. Practicing vlogging is very much like practicing public speaking. Public speaking is a good skill in life. Therefore, vlogging is a good skill in life.
  7. Watching myself on video routinely makes me aware of my physical ticks. I rock forwards and backwards, stutter and mumble, and say “um” a lot.
  8. Windows Movie Maker is a good and free video editing starter software, however it is also very limiting.

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