April On & Off Instagram

Every time I sit down to write these monthly recaps, I’m surprised by how much can happen in just a month. There was a wedding which entailed a trip to Houston with Sugarface where he met my parents for the first time, a four day work conference, and house sitting and taking care of a total of four dogs with Sugarface.

As usual, there were good meals with good friends. I spied a beautiful albino peacock peacocking during a lunch. I had a sweet Monday dinner with Treavor and Kim when she was in Austin for work. After which we laid in bed at the Austin Motel. We shared stories about our first kisses and asked each other how we decided to leave (anything or anyone in particular) and discussed what kind of festivals we’d organize if we were in the business of organizing festivals. We ended that night with a walk down Congress and talked an already closed restaurant into selling us cookies.

I also instagramed (and blogged) a unique DIY party where we dabbled in wood burning. Link down below.

Not depicted on Instagram was meteor hunting at midnight in a field where a bug repellent candle in a wicker basket served as a lantern. Oh! And I finally after many years of having a food blog, started a Facebook page for it. Give me a thumbs up would you?

White Peacock

Night Scene on Campus

Pete's Dueling Pianos

Dog Sitting

Fancy Dress Night


Snow Cone Season

Still on the clock

Austin Motel

Chicken and Mashed Taters

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Click on photo to visit blog post
Wood Burning DIY Party
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Questions: What kind of festival would you organize? What’s the most underrated body part? Favorite memories in April?