August On & Off Instagram

My favorite moment in August was recorded on Instagram as a doodle. It was Sugarface’s birthday and we had driven 5 hours from Dallas to his hometown to have dinner with his family and pick up his pup. After a home-cooked dinner, we took his family’s boat out on the lake and the night sky was clear and I saw my largest bounty of stars since Marfa in 2012. It was breathtaking and quiet. The next day we drove 8 hours back to Austin. I’ve counted. Sugarface and I have done six 8-10 hour drives.

August was my second month of being unemployed and it wasn’t as carefree as July. As yearly expenses like car insurance and lease ending start to creep up, I found it hard to not be anxious. To combat the anxiety, I focused on things I could control, like cooking more instead of eating out and walking and running to counter the mind chatter. My friends were still treating me to meals out for my birthday in July. A surprise birthday package arrived mid August. I had complimented my friend on her scent when we were in Chicago last month and she surprised me with my own bottle. Another remedy for anxiety is focusing on what I have instead of what I don’t have. And I have great people.

home-cooked meal


Stella San Jac
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Dog Adventures

Bob the Dog

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Home-cooked meals

Bob the Dog


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Question: What was your favorite moment from August?