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I started July with a middle of the week visit to one of our creeks in Austin with Sugarface and his pup. Every time I find myself doing something fun during normal work day hours I make sure to be grateful for one of the perks of unemployment. We then drove eight hours to Arkansas to spend Fourth of July with his family. It was a perfect few days spent barefoot in our bathing suits and eating amazing home-cooked meals.

My friend Treavor came to visit me that next weekend and gifted me early birthday presents to add to my home library. We talked really late into the night, watched Magic Mike XXL, which we both really enjoyed, and worked to find work in coffee shops.

I joined Sugarface during one of his work outings. Again, as I sat under a tree with him in the middle of a Tuesday, I thought to myself that this could have only happened while I’m in between jobs. Along with the lunch dates we’ve had.

July really had wonderful weekends. The third weekend I spent in Chicago with girlfriends. I went with my current roommate, a former roommate who now lives in Florida, and a friend I often travel with. In Chicago I met up with my friends who live in Chicago, one of whom was a former roommate! I could start a sisterhood of lovely women I’ve had the pleasure of living with. There was a moment in time prior to this trip where I wondered if it was prudent of me to go on a trip while unemployed. I’m glad I went! It was mostly paid for by the time I was laid-off and it produced such sweet memories. We went with the purpose of eating and singing along with Taylor Swift. I wish I could show you how excited my roommate was when Taylor surprised us with Sam Hunt.

The last weekend I spent with my girlfriends again. Stephanie picked me up bright and early with breakfast and treated me to great conversation while floating on stand-up paddle boards. My roommate and I hosted our monthly brunch, our theme being “Totes Toast”.

I ended the month turning another year older, feeling very loved with the gifts in the mail and cupcake and plant deliveries. On the actual day, Sugarface made me my favorite breakfast. I met up with my old coworker who was also laid off and we applied to jobs. I had lunch with my best friend and then dinner with Sugarface at my favorite restaurant. It was a quiet day and made me very happy.

July brimmed with perfect summer days.

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Barton Springs

Fourth of July


Modern Romance

Barton Springs Pool

Hair Spray at Zilker Park

Fogo de Chao


What to Eat in Chicago

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Taylor Swift in Chicago

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Totes Toast Brunch

Questions: How did you spend your Fourth of July? What was your favorite birthday celebration?

  • lisasyarns

    I’m glad that July held many great moments for you! I really really hope that your period of unemployment ends soon but I commend you for seeing some of the silver linings of unemployment. Your birthday celebration sounds perfect I love that Sugarface cooked for you!

    Phil and I spent the 4th of July at the lake with family. He got to meet a lot of new people and got to know more immediate family a little bit better so that was fun. I think my favorite birthday celebration was my 30th birthday party which was a French-themed party! We had awesome good, great drinks/wine, and lots of important people in my life were there!

  • I saw Magic Mike XXL last weekend and l found it to be highly entertaining. Twitch is my fave!

    Your weekend in Chicago for the concert looked amazing. You girls sure do know how to have fun. ;)

    In case you didn’t see my reply to your comment on my blog, the site I’m using to find freelance work is called elance.com. Good luck with your searching! <3

    • You just reminded me of that eighties song, Girls Just Want to Have Fun! Ha!

      Thanks for the follow up on the freelance work! Will check elance out!

  • aww. sounds like you’ve had a most eventful july.

    also.. 2 of my friends host a blog linkup with their monthly goals. since you recap your events at the end of the month, it’d be cool to add your monthly goals too. this month’s linkup is closed but you can check it out anyway and maybe consider it for next month. =) http://shoutingchow.com/maximize-your-month-link-up-august-2015-goals/

    • Thanks girl! I used to do quarterly recaps of my resolutions but I stopped having 15-20 resolutions a year so that feature no longer made sense. I’ll check out your friends’ link up!