Classic Kitchen

Last weekend in Houston, Cindy introduced me to some really cheap and authentic Chinese food on Bellaire in the same shopping center as Sinh Sinh. The place is called Classic Kitchen. We ordered more than we could finish (2 family style dishes) and paid nine dollars with tip. I really enjoyed it and would totally go back, that is, with someone who can read Chinese/speak.

Their menu is in Chinese.

We ordered the spicy beef noodle soup and something that is directly translated into “grab pancake.” The noodles come three different ways: small, big, or sliced and cut from a block of pasta. We chose cut and sliced.

spicy beef noodle soup

The beef was SO incredibly tender. It was amazing, how tender it was. The broth was delicious. It was the first time I’ve heard of or had these kind of noodles. It’s a bit firmer and heartier than most noodles. I’d so order this soup again. A restaurant is a winner to me when I think about what I’ve had there and it makes me want to go back fast and relive it.

Close up of the noodles

grab pancake

I forgot the Chinese name for this but it translates to “grab pancake.” It’s call grab pancake because they grab the dough and fluff it up before they fry it so you get nice stringy and fluffy layers. It’s awesome. I’d order this again too.

I was satisfied and impressed by Classic Kitchen. A LOT of good food for dirt cheap. You can’t go wrong there.