Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 12)


Harry Ransom Center

Throughout my life I’ve heard references to Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolfe? in pop culture. In TV shows, movies, and books, and each time I wondered, what is Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf? about? I received an email from the Harry Ransom Center (a museum on campus) and they’re screening (for free!) the film. So I invited Brittany, my movie buddy along to be my date last night. Neither of us did any research to see what we were in for. I knew that an emotionally abusive couple invites another couple over for drinks. Other than that, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The lady who sat next to me said she avoided watching this movie for years because she heard it was intense. Here, watch the trailer.

Needless to say, it quite a ride. The dialogue was biting and hilarious which is just as well since we needed the comic relief! I can see why it was such a sensation back in the day. I’m still processing the movie but for now, suffice to say it was pretty good and pretty disturbing.


A few hours after Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf? let out, I embarked on my second movie of the evening. The midnight showing of Inception. I won’t torment you by posting the trailer. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you must be living underneath a rock. The trailer has been out for what seems like a full year!

Thoughts and reactions: Alan said this may be the most fun he’s had at a movie ever, he didn’t want it to end, and he thinks everyone should see Inception at least twice. I on the other hand barely made it through. I agree it was pretty original, intricate, well woven, LAYERS, literally LAYERS of realities and fantasies happening at once. I liked the concept and the plot but the pacing was too slow for me. However, when reviewing Sci-fi and fantasy books and movies, you should know I have a hard time suspending disbelief and it’s usually not my genre. I walk in with my walls up. The other couple we went with both thoroughly enjoyed it.

2 movies. 1 night. 2.5 hours of sleep. Today will be a long work day.


letter from france

I checked my mail for the first time this week yesterday night. Am pleased to have gotten 2 real letters! One from France from Ms. Brenda.


letter from madison

The second letter from Madison from Ms. Jen. This has now upped my letters owed to 4 letters. Writing these letters is on the weekend to do list! I’m guessing at this rate, I’ve either already reached and or will exceed one of my New Year’s Resolutions of sending out 15 letters.


book shelf

I’m all unpacked and set up in my new one bedroom apartment. I built this bookshelf with my BARE HANDS. NO HELP FROM BOYS. I’m the least handy girl I know. Brandi (previous roommate) helped me screw in some screws and that’s about all the help I got. It took me three days but never mind that, I’m a (mostly) independent woman, what what? YEAH. Do you see the black things attaching the bookshelf to the wall (top shelves)? I actually used plastic anchors and screws. I’m most proud of that. I had no idea what plastic anchors were! They’re plastic screwy things that you push into your dry wall to help “anchor” your screws and not ruin your dry wall. Do you hear that? I actually have some sort of clue of what I’m talking about.

Okay. Calm. My point is, my apartment is now homey (I only have one box of shoes left) and I built a bookshelf.


I miss Houston. I miss the food and I miss the people. I think maybe in August I need to go down there. Plan a few good meals, eat some momma food… Replenish.


Weekend obligations/chores: hang out with the little from Big Bros Big Sis’s of America, grocery shopping for next week, return stupid Time Warner cable box, laundry, write zee letters, cook a meal, and crank out some blog entries.

Hopefully some fun and sleep will come my way too! Happy Friday peoples.