Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 138)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we’re chatting about travel.

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Ashley Riordan was stressed. And she was emailing me about how her shoulders were hunched and her eye was twitching and it made her feel like T-Rex. She also said something about eating popcorn. It gave me such a strong visual that I drew her as T-Rex. During the next two days, I’ve continued drawing her as T-Rex. I think 3 days in a row of doodles means I have inadvertently started a daily comic strip on Instagram about Ashley the T-Rex. I’m toying with posting the strip on weekends on the blog so perhaps tomorrow you’ll see more of her story. It’s riveting.


The charity event I helped plan with the philanthropy committee of Austin Food Bloggers Alliance was last Friday and it went well! I was worried about having a successful event and it was a success! We raised more than we did last year. The final numbers are not figured yet as we are still closing out our silent auction. More photos posted on the food blog.


August is around the corner which means VEDA is around the corner. VEDA stands for Vlog Every Day in August. Anyone can join us!

What does joining VEDA entail?

  1. You sign up for a Youtube account. Chances are you already have one if you have a Gmail account.
  2. Then you register for VEDA.
  3. When the memberlist is published, add everyone to your subscriptions list.
  4. Upload a video every day. There will be a calendar of suggested topics.
  5. Watch the videos of others doing VEDA and comment.

Why would you want to do this? It’s nice to have a video archive of your life to look back on. You’ll meet wonderful like-minded people. Some of my closest friends today are friends I met on Youtube. Seriously, we take trips together even! Lastly, it’s really addicting just to make things. If you take the leap, shoot me a comment or email! I’d love to follow along.


Currently Reading: Sharp Objects

I’m on a mystery/thriller kick.


I’m turning the big 30 in two days. Am trying to focus on having a ball instead of fretting over societal conventions.


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ lunches with coworkers both from current job and previous jobs ♥ caught up on Pretty Little Liars which means I get my freedom back ♥ sweet cards from my parents in the mail ♥ doodling funny looking dinosaurs in my work notebook ♥ catching up with this season’s Dexter (I swear I’m not a couch potato) ♥ increased food blogging frequency this week ♥ pink roses ♥ Bob the dog surviving eating chicken bones from the trash ♥ inappropriate emails with girlfriends ♥ the word “balls” ♥ the night I had juicy beef ribs and mashed potatoes that I made myself for dinner while reading a mystery titled, The Dinner

Question: What kind of adventure should Ashley the T-Rex go on?