Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 27)


Monday, a dear friend emailed me an ominous email that only stated, “Call me as soon as you can.” This is not a sentence people want to read/hear. Along with, “We need to talk,” “I have something to tell you,” and “You should sit down first.” When I anxiously called her, she tells me how she dreamed that I had died and it felt so real. She just wanted to make sure everything is okay. (She’s really cute.) Later on in the week, I got this voice mail.


I never read up on my dreams. I just don’t give dreams too much stock. However, I did some googling for my friend and here’s what I found what they say dying could mean:

  • “Almost all dreams of dying can be traced back to an overworked, overly anxious individual very much in need of some time off!” –
  • You’re “making way for changes or a rebirth in your life or letting go of the old and making way for the new.” –
  • “a feeling of low “life energy” or a weariness in your life, perhaps due to an emotionally or mentally sapping situation, a physical condition that makes you tired, etc.” –

In short, seems like I need to check in on her and not the other way around!


Speaking of dreams, I had my first zombie dream this week. I got bit but before I morphed into a zombie myself, I shoved a wire hanger down a zombie’s throat and my alarm woke me up. Yeah.


Yesterday, I sent a request (not my first) to Oprah’s people to be in her audience. Comeeonnnnn, Oprah! Lemmein!


The Sketchbook Project: 2011

I signed up for the Sketchbook Project for 2011 after reading about it on Jennifer’s blog. I was a little overexcited and trigger happy and inadvertently signed up for a theme (lines and grids) I actually don’t want. However, I’ve since made peace with my theme and cannot wait to receive my sketchbook in the mail! I’m also really excited to have a shared creative endeavor with my friend, Jennifer. I sense a yearly tradition!


I stayed over at Alan’s last night. I really needed it. PMS reduced me to this really insecure whiny girl who just wanted hugs, kisses, and cuddles from her dude. He sweetly complied and I reset my PMS cranky button only to wake up to rain. See the thing about alternating between my apartment and his house he shares with his roomies, is that most times I’m stuck with whatever pieces of clothing I packed the night before. My hot pink rain boots remained at my apartment dry and out of commission as I walked around the university in slippery, muddy, Old Navy flip flops. Not good for morale on a regular day but I’m a pile of hormonal mess. I started my work morning in the bathroom cleaning up. And I’m cranky as all get out, nursing my peppermint mocha as if it’s my binky.



This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ Mall-walking like old ladies with an out of town friend ♥ My first peppermint mocha of the season ♥ My second peppermint mocha of the season ♥ Walking in the 70 degree weather in Austin ♥ A long conversation on a park bench over coffee with a coworker I hardly know ♥ Spooning

Question: What serves as your binky when you’re down and out?