Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 30)


You know the new Bachelor, Brad Womack who was also the Bachelor three years ago? I have a picture with him from Halloween 3 years ago! He was standing outside one of his bars here in Austin.

Funnily, I also know someone who used to date his twin brother.


It’s been two weeks since I started my resolutions of blogging three times on the food blog. If I fail a week, I have to increase my Vietnam fund goal by ten dollars. I’ve only blogged once this week, and twice the week before. If I keep this up, the travel fund will be FLUSH.

What did I blog? A Crepe Night In! Check it.


So far in 2011, I feel like I’m scrambling and way behind. I’ve fallen off the 5.5 hours of sleep a night wagon and am now grudgingly riding on the 3.5 to 4 hours of sleep a night wagon. It seems like my entire life is a constant losing battle to get more sleep and drink more water.

Back to my point. I’ve been trying to catch up in 2011. Work is full and I’m behind there. It looks like I have to pay myself another ten dollars for the food blog this week (unless I whip something out both tonight and tomorrow), I haven’t yet finished a book this year. I think what has done me over is constant out of town visitors filling up my calendar and the Sketchbook Project. Now that a lot of my friends have gone back to their respective towns and the sketchbook is on its way to Brooklyn, hopefully I can get a better grip on my schedule.


I helped my little from Big Brothers and Sisters of America brainstorm her science fair project. She wants to work with Mentos and soda. A la this video.

I volunteered to help with her experiment this Sunday. Admittedly, I’m a little nervous about cold weather and sticky explosive streams of soda. Wish me luck!


As I was catching up on my subscriptions on Youtube, I saw my Texan vlogger friend, Treavor post a Pummelvision video of his facebook photos and I liked it so much, I followed suit. Here’s my life in Facebook photos, chronologically from age 22 to 27.

Get yours here.


A lab member brought back some Kit Kats from Japan. I love foreign candy! I offer you a blurry cell phone picture of our selection. We all kind of guessed the flavors since work is so hectic, we forget to ask. Pictured from top to bottom: maybe raspberry, maybe miso (taste like coffee), blueberry cheesecake, cherry (yum!), and some weird Japanese citrusy fruit with pepper? The last one is gross.


I received a blog award from the gorgeous and fellow Austinite, Pink Sun Drops. I’m actually suppose to meet her tomorrow for a mini Austin food event.

Rules are to share 7 things about yourself and pass on to 10 bloggers. Instead, I pass on to you. Comment and tell me 7 things about yourself or if you have a blog, go forth and blog. Here are my 7 things.

  1. I really want to buy myself a label maker so I can label my photo albums and journals with dates.
  2. I have always felt guilty using my vacation days.
  3. My first email password ever was “bonethugs.” Yes, you can laugh at me.
  4. I’ve been blogging since 1997.
  5. I prefer savory to sweet. I love desserts but eating sweets gives me immediate cravings for something savory. Sometimes I eat my meals backwards because of this. Start with dessert and work backwards.
  6. I prefer summer clothes over winter clothes.
  7. I do not enjoy reading anything with magic, wizards, dragons, gnomes, fairies, monsters, spaceships, unicorns, and witches.

Share with me some tidbits about yourself? Really, I want to get to know you.