2010 in Review

It’s that time of year again! I share with you my personal recap of 2010. This year was much better than 2009 (which was much worse than my 2008). It was a year of recovery and regaining balance. I feel very fondly of 2010 but I’m ready to embrace 2011. Bring it!

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January 2010

Celebrating New Year’s Eve

February 2010

Progressive Meal in Houston

March 2010

Crawfish Boil

April 2009

May 2010

The back of Conan

June 2010

If a June night could talk,
it would probably boast
it invented romance.
– Bern Williams

I touched Anthony Bourdain's tricep.

July 2010

Jon and Me at my Birthday Dinner

August 2010

Aishah’s 27th Birthday

September 2010

Me & Joe Rogan

October 2010

  • I planned and organized a regional conference for work.
  • My dude turned 26! We celebrated for over a week.
  • Tried my first absinthe.
  • My half sister whom I haven’t seen in over ten years found me on Facebook.
  • Dressed up as a cop for Halloween.
  • Auditioned for a travel reality TV show after receiving an email from a casting director. I took Neville as possible partner and he totally outshone me.
  • A close friend’s brother died unexpectedly. Being with her has been a top priority whenever I’m in Houston. I’ve grown deeper in love for and with her.
  • Tried out Breakfast Klub, a culinary highlight in 2010.

November 2010

Brittany & Me at Race for the Cure

December 2010

  • Participated in Reverb10.
  • Road trip to Oklahoma! Why Oklahoma? To cross off another state.
  • Attended annual Christmas Party for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America with my little and her cousin. This is our third year in attendance!
  • Had hot pot on Christmas day twice. Lunch with Mary Ellen and her mom and her brother, and dinner with my own family. I did exactly this last year for Christmas!
  • Tomorrow’s plan is to party on a rooftop downtown in celebration of a new and fresh year. A stretch Hummer may have been rented.

Annual Christmas Party with my Little

That was my year! I’m happy to have shared it with you and have your support, comments, and readership. It means an awful lot to me. Thank you!

Question: What are five highlights from your 2010?

  • This was a cool little post – you met Joe Rogan that’s rather cool!!

    • Linda

      Hi there Ian!
      Thanks :). Fan of Rogan or UFC?
      – Linda

  • A lot of people are doing this recap thing. Did you guys all get together and make something happen?

    I don’t know if i have five but:

    1. I met my girlfriend.

    2. I drank a lot of beer and partied

    3. I listened to more ambient music.

    4. I went to Vegas.

    5. I had consistent sex with one person.

  • Every year I see how you do your recap and I smite myself for not taking better notes during the year. Nice read, Linda, and happy new year!

  • Amazing, Linda! You met Conan, Bourdain.. wow. Who’s next? Oprah, Larry King? Obama? :)

    It was a pleasure following you, your thoughts and musings. I enjoyed your vlogs the most and some of the jokes you told were very funny. You’re awesome and I’m most sure that you’ll stay awesome next year as well.

    Good luck, Linda.


  • Jonathan,
    Hi there! Um, I first did it in 2008 and loved it so much I continued doing recaps. LOVE your highlights. especially the last one. and what is ambient music? I’m such a science nerdy, I think ambient temperature. haa :)

    You can do it! just cross reference, emails, blog entries, calendars, organizers, and facebook albums/statuses!
    I have faith in you

    OPRAH OPRAH OPRAH. This year, I asked my mom to start praying that I meet Oprah. Haha :) I’m serious.
    Thank YOU so much for reading and being so great about commenting. I appreciate it. Cheers to your 2011. You hinted at a very exciting year for you. ;) Good luck with all of your aspirations.
    – Linda

  • You had an incredibly year, Linda! You met some pretty cool peeps. :) I can’t wait to see where 2011 takes you!

  • Linda

    I can’t wait too! Cheers to good excitement, good madness, and magic for the both of us.
    Happy New Year,

  • What a fabulous year. Here’s to an even better one! Happy New Year!

  • Thank you :))

  • Lovely review, Linda! I liked very much your description – “Progressive meal in Houston that took us to three restaurants for one meal” :) That must have been a wonderful experience! I also liked very much your description – “Seriously started to write letters and my pen pals actually wrote back”. Writing letters is so wonderful, isn’t it? I also loved what you did on Christmas – “Had hot pot on Christmas day twice” :) Hotpots are wonderful and delicious, especially during the winter, aren’t they :)

  • Nev

    Damn that was a long post!

    It’s cool you know what you did last year. In 5 years, ask people, “So what’d you do in 2010” and they’ll have little to no clue :-)

  • Linda

    Thanks, friend! Sorry for the delay in response.

    Hot pot during the winter is the best! So good for soul. Happy New Year!

    Ha! True story :p