Girls’ Weekend

Girls’ weekend was so good for my soul. Alex and Hillary left their towns to come spend the weekend with me in Austin. I will bullet point my highlights and then share snapshots of our weekend (save the food, I’ll save that for the food blog. Have you checked that out yet?)

Girls Weekend Highlights

  • I saw my very first firefly, thanks to Hillary pointing it out. It was fluttering and lighting itself around my apartment entrance. Sadly, by the time I ran into my apartment to grab my camera to video, it had flitted away. I will say its short presence has made my apartment entrance a little more magical.
  • Our conversations, stimulating, nostalgic, hilarious, superficial, and deep never ceased til we literally talked ourselves to sleep Friday and Saturday night.
  • We miss high school.
  • At the urging of Hillary’s boyfriend (awww!), we went engagement ring shopping for Hillary.
  • 3 girls, 3 bottles of wine Saturday night as prelude to a night out.
  • Constant eating. Weekend menu: gelato, escargot, duck confit, ratatouille, scallops, Gourdough’s, tacos, chorizo nachos, wines, cheeses, fruits, chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, pho, egg rolls, spring rolls, pear chocolate tart, pumpkin tea cakes!
  • Camping out on my living room floor and couch.

In short, a wonder-full weekend and I miss them already. We made plans to do this one more time before the year closes. Next time, we’ll go to Hillary’s city.

Question: If your best friend turned into a zombie, would you kill him/her?