How NaBloPoMo is Giving me a Twitch

I’m killing myself over here. I took on this challenge of blogging every day in November. So far, 8 or 9 days in, I’m doing okay and haven’t missed a day but only just barely and not without anxiety and developing a twitch. I had mad blog block already on Day 2 and struggled throughout the rest of the first week. My bestie (who I’ve roped into doing this with me and isn’t having a hard time at all) is about to kill me. My first tough day, Day 2, she gave me countless ideas on what to blog about and I nixed them all. I remained infuriatingly disengaged. She told me to blog about voting and I told her no way. I do not have anything to say about voting except to say I was going to vote, therefore I won’t blog about voting. I dillydallied and struggled and held out. What happened late evening on Day 2? I fricking blogged about voting.

Today, Day 9 is also another excruciatingly bad day. I finally gave my neglected food blog some love and blogged a full post (as opposed to just posting pictures) and it left me tapped out for today’s post on this blog. Bestie kept telling me I can just post a note on this blog directing you to my food blog. Seriously, that makes sense right? It IS a blog post written TODAY by ME, only just on a different blog. Right?! But no, that gave me anxiety. I’m no perfectionist and find that perfectionism can creatively block you. However, for some reason this gave me the same frustrations as a 4 year old perfectionist who is crumbling in tears because she colored outside the lines in her coloring book. I did NOT want to deflect today’s blog post to my food blog post because they are MIXING. The challenge was for my personal blog; I cannot deflect to my food blog! Doesn’t this remind you of those people who freak out when their mashed potatoes are touching their meatloaf?

Sigh. So instead having a blog post about how my post for the day will be at my food blog, I decided to make it about how this gives me anxiety. This is my loophole. Go check out my food blog – I blogged about Vince Young Steakhouse.

Question: How do you frustrate yourself?