January On & Off Instagram

I blinked and then just like that January is over. I started the year off hosting a party with my roommate and Anita. Our dress code required sparkles. A few men showed up without sparkles so we painted one of their fingernails with glitter. Someone admitted to me later that he enjoyed seeing glitter on his nail in the following days. “It’s kind of like a secret souvenir!” I love secret souvenirs.

I cooked more in the month of January that I did all year in 2014. I feel like I revived a neglected part of me in doing that and I like it. I seared my first steak and made late night quesadillas with Sugarface. I double dated with Anita twice. We had hot pot and then played like children at a children museum. The Thinkery hosts 21 and up night once a month and it’s quite a sight to see gleeful adults buzzed on wine and beer conducting science experiments and playing with bright lights.

We had our inaugural Brunch Club brunch and spent 3 hours giggling over mimosas and butter coffee after we stuffed ourselves with brunchy carbs.

There was about a week of gorgeous weather and all of Austin came out to bask in the sun and instagram it.

I have been food blogging more. In January I posted 6 blog posts. 5 times more than what I did in January 2014. All in part because of scheduling more dinner/coffee working dates with Michelle. Her husband and Sugarface joined in our bimonthly party and work as we blog. It’s one of my favorite traditions to come out of 2014.

Not depicted on Instagram is all the scheming. From mapping rooftops with Thomas, to bucket list making with Sugarface, to more double dates with Anita. We’re eyeing Austin Panic Room for a double date.


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Question: What are some of your favorite moments from January?