VEDA Vlogs from Vancouver

Be very proud of me. I vlogged straight through moving, through Dallas, and now through a vacation in Vancouver. I haven’t missed a day! I’ve been patting myself on the back all morning. Here are my VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) Vlogs from Vancouver.

Day 25 – Pet Peeves

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You don’t need sound to see this video! I write it out. In case you still can’t view the video, I listed tardiness (>10 minutes), flaky people, and people who talk during movies in movie theaters as my pet peeves. You get to see my bad handwriting!

What are your pet peeves?

Day 26 – Most Valuable Possessions

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I happen to travel with the things I love the most. My journals!

What are your most valuable possessions?

Day 27 – Day in the Life / First Day in Vancouver

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For the Day in the Life topic, I talked you through my first day in Vancouver. We landed at 10. I was running on 4 hours of sleep, Alan on 0. We got to the hotel at 11 ish and Alan napped while I explored and lunched. We met up our friends Mike and Amy who live in Seattle and drove up to see us. We all visited the Vancouver Aquarium and had a grand time. We both adored the sea otters. No penguins at this aquarium. (Sad!) Then dined at a Japanese tapas place (look for it soon on my food blog!) and drank 3 bottles of Sake. Then Mike and Amy left and Alan and I met Paul, a new Canadian friend. We enjoyed some live music with Paul and then was in bed pretty late.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Day 28 – What I Used to Believe In

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I wrote this vlog out so if it’s sound that keeps you from watching the vlogs, you can watch this one! If not, I listed out things I used to believe in but no longer do.

1. True love is first love.
2. Friends who do wrong are not friends at all. (No one is perfect.)
3. Wait til you’re married to sleep with someone. (Ha!)
4. Wait til you’re married to move in with a dude. (Ha!)

What are things you used to believe in but no longer do?

Day 29 – Passions

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There’s not much about which I’m not passionate. Good food, books, family, love, travel. There’s so many things that taste good, look good, smell good. I know I can be annoying when I’m raving about things so enthusiastically so often, but I just cannot help myself.

What are you passionate about?

See you back in Austin!