VEDA Vlogs: Getting Dressed Up, Travel, and Dream Job

It’s Monday. Insert long sigh. I had a great weekend in Dallas with two friends from high school. In fact, you can see them in the first vlog I’m posting. These VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) vlogs are for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, posted in that order.

Getting Dressed Up

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Not much transcription needed. The topic is to get dressed up before going out. This 30 something second video is just us saying hi before rushing to our dinner reservations. My friends are pretty. I had wet hair.

On Travel

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I talk about how I’ve only been to four countries (Mexico, Vietnam, Scotland, and England), and wish I can do more world traveling. I’m heading to our neighbor, Canada, in a couple of weeks with Alan. I also mention (again), that I want to see all 50 states. I’m slowly ticking that off each year. I prioritize saving and buying plane tickets but in between the spending expenditures, I love being a tourist close to home as well. I love exploring the nooks and crannies of my hometown, and surrounding cities. I wanted to make the point that there’s a wide range to traveling and there’s no need to make big time and money commitments to satisfy a little wanderlust.

Where do you guys want to travel?

My Dream Job

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My dream job is to be paid to eat and travel. I’d love to be Anthony Bourdain’s sidekick, because then, I’d be paid to travel, to eat, and to hang out with a crush of mine.

Question: Pick one (or more) VEDA topics from today’s blog and tell me about it?