Bennu 24 Hour Coffee Lounge

I met up with Dave today for a short catch up. He introduced me a coffee shop started up by one of his colleagues called Bennu located on E MLK Blvd, not far off from I-35. Upon walking in, I was already a fan as I noted they’re open 24 hours. There’s not enough coffee shops open up 24 hours these days. Also, it’s the biggest coffee shop I’ve been to in a while with MANY seats, many tables, and many outlets. I could also tell instantly, that this place is a popular place. It has a very Austiny feel.

I wanted to try their green tea smoothie but their blender’s broken. The last few places I’ve tried to order a smoothie have declared their blender broken. I’m starting to think it’s me. I opted for my usual order, an iced chai latte. It’s not as good as my favorite at Sodade, and it has an odd color, but it was a’ite. There’s a credit card minimum of five dollars so I ordered a cheese danish. Yum. I need to gain back some of the weight I lost from being sick.

Often times, I want to meet up with someone to study or read and we leave our apartments at 9 with many places closing down at 11. I now have a quaint and cozy place we can steal away to and let time escape us. How exciting.

Odd Color Chai

Davey brought me some tea to take home. He always brings me little presents and treats. I like that grandfather clock.

Pretty Window

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