Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery

After our dinner at Asti, Kim and I wanted to have coffee talk so we walked across the street from Asti to Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery. She used to come here during college to study whereas I’ve never been. I need to come during the day sometime because apparently they have the best latte foam art. I like latte foam art. Instead, we split a chocolate almond croissant and I ordered a hot chocolate. Chocolate croissants are something I love love love. They used to be my medicine for bad days at work or school.

Nothing outstanding about their hot chocolate or chocolate crossiant but they are each inherently comforting and indulgent. Soothing to my soul.

We sat outside to keep our conversations more private. Here’s a picture of the inside from our table.

I’ve mentally flagged this coffee shop in my memory as a shop I need to go back to for my next coffee date. I want latte foam art!

I was originally going to post a book review of Eleven Minutes but am still battling a cold and the review would have been a doozy to write. I will have that up tomorrow instead. I’m now going to dope myself up with newly acquired medicine, shower, and crash.

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