Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 20)


It’s been one of those weeks at work. You know, where it’s going by SO slowly and at the same time you can’t believe it’s Friday already and still have a mountain of stuff to do before a weekend work event in exactly 7 days. Panic!!


Dates during the week make the week go by faster. Work’s been supremely busy this week and will continue to be so til after next weekend so it was nice to have a home cooked meal by Deesh and Bing on Monday, a delicious seafood meal on a rainy day with my my man on Wednesday, and a date by my lonesome yesterday. I went to see Easy A on my own. Friend date, boyfriend date, date with myself. Good balance, no?


What’s he thinking about? Football? Fantasy football? Where’s our dessert? Ultimate Fighter episode on the DVR? That he wishes date night was every night? All good guesses. :)


The aforementioned dessert was too pretty not to share.


I finished reading Anthony Bourdain’s Cook’s Tour this weekend putting my year’s total of finished book at 28. 12 more to go before I reach my new year’s resolution of 40. My favorite exerpt from Cook’s Tour is about the spirit of Vietnam. Currently in the middle of Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Work Week, and Eating Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant (Amazon Affliliate links).


A year ago today, Alan surprised me by coming back from Korea about 2-4 months early.


This week’s small indulgences (aside from the dates) include bubble tea, greasy noodles for lunch, pumpkin spice lattes, breakfast burritos, chocolate croissants, and dancing home alone while I clean.

Question: If you could treat yourself to a luxury under 300 dollars right this instant, what would you choose?