Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 22)


One of my closest friends lost her brother this week. It has me aching for her and her family. She and I lived together for three years, went to high school and college together. Our families ask about each other every time we meet up. My parents think of her as a daughter. He used to visit us in college and take us out for Valentine’s Day. All my memories of him are fond and joyful. Last time I saw him was August 8 and like everyone in his family, he gives great hugs. I wish there was something I can do to alleviate the family’s pain.

Life is fleeting. Live and love hard.


I’m feeling a little tore up. Here’s what my schedule looked like for the past week. It’ll explain why.

Last Friday: Worked 9am – 10pm. We hosted that conference. 5 hours of sleep.

Saturday: Worked/hosted a conference: 7am – 10pm. 4 hours of sleep.

Sunday: Worked /hosted a conference: 7am – 2pm. 5pm-7pm: shopped for Alan’s birthday.

Monday: Worked 9am-5pm.

Tuesday: Worked 9am-5pm. 6pm-8pm: Baked a pretty cake shaped like a big Oreo for birthday boy. 12am: Birthday breakfast/dinner. 5 hours of sleep.

Wednesday: Worked 9am-5pm. 7:30pm: Birthday dinner with Alan and his parents. 10pm: Out for birthday drinks with Alan & his roomies. 1 hour of sleep? If that?

Thursday: Worked 9am-5pm. 8pm: Group birthday dinner for Alan. 10pm-1am out for drinks again.

And here we are. I slept through my alarm but still made it on time for work. I’m feeling tore up.


Some pictures from his birthday:

I must add, I’m so very happy he was born.


Alan’s new place is really close to downtown so we’ve been extra good about taking cabs when we go out instead of recruiting a designated driver. The increase of cab use has widened my experience with cabbies. It used to be just a holiday experience. In the last two months I’ve come across two creepy cabbies. One was a leering creep and the other one was blatantly inappropriate. He went as far as mentioning how women should be so lucky and grateful to sexually service men. In hindsight, we should have grabbed his information but each time we just huffed and puffed (we meaning me and the other girl in both cases) and stormed out.

These newer experiences reminds me of the other pervy creeps running rampant on the dirty side of Sixth St. I don’t frequent the dirty side of Sixth St anymore as it’s a younger crowd and truly just dirty. However, I’ve frequented it often enough to know that when you go out with just girls or if you happen to be separate temporarily, it’s alarming how many gropers will sneak feels and flee.

I’ve newly resolved to throw more scenes and be more vocal and quick to act.


Yesterday, a nice German man thought he could pick me up by telling me he likes Asia and that he knows someone from Bangkok. He was serious, too. And truly, he was a nice guy. Just misguidedly offensive.


I had my first experience with absinthe this week. Tasted like black licorice. It was actually delicious for the first few sips but is too empowering a flavor for me to order regularly. Not that it’s a drink you see on the menu regularly anyhow.


Have you heard about the It Gets Better Campaign? If you haven’t you’re missing out.

Here’s my favorite campaign video.

Question: How do you like to relax?