I stumbled on this video on the Internet today. I loved it so much and would like to show my 13 year old little from Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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This video also got me thinking about questions in general. They’re so powerful.

A friend of mine called recently because she was witnessing someone close to her do something very harmful. She told me she yelled at her friend and cannot believe that this person is so self-destructive. I reminded her that most people don’t like being told what to do. Especially if it’s something that is already inherently scary. Change is scary, even if it’s good change. Compound that with someone telling you what you should do, resistance to change will probably grow. She asked me how I would try to influence this person toward a healthier life style. I told her I would probably ask a lot of questions. When someone answers a tough question honestly, he or she has to actually be introspective. It’s hard to hide when you answer a question.

“Why are you doing this?” “Does it make you feel good?” “What are you scared of?” “Is this helping you?” “What’s keeping you from stopping a certain behavior?” “How would you feel if someone close to you were doing this?”

Questions is a form of therapy! Asking yourself really hard questions and then looking inward for the answers. Questions is also an essential step in knowledge. If you don’t understand something at work or in school, you ask questions. Questions is how you make friends. People like to feel like you’re interested in them and their lives. You show interest by asking questions. You gain a friend when people share parts of themselves.

I dig questions.

Questions: If you could ask anyone anything, whom would you ask and what would you ask?