Turning 34

Skipping into my 34th year of life like… (📷@thomaslchen)

It’s my birthday today! And truth is, I’m feeling all sorts of pressure and anxiety. Some of it is related to that feeling of not being where I thought I’d be at this age, with the traditional milestones under my belt (like mortgage, stable career, babies, etc.), and did you know that when you have babies after 35, they classify it as “geriatric pregnancies”? What a mean scientific term!

Anyway, what I’m saying is, I’ve been stressed and anxious and a little self-conscious about my position in life, but then I look around and feel very lucky for what I do have. Good people who love me and share french fries with me. A photography business to grow that lights me up. Friends to laugh with and readers who encourage me to keep going even if they haven’t met me yet! Adorable poochies and handsome loving life partner with good hair. It’s a sweet life. Thank you for the birthday wishes, friends! Cheers to us and all the sweetness we already have!