Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 24)


Do you ever look up? Sometimes you’ll find a mirror.

Me and BFF’s family last weekend in an elevator. Am I cross-eyed?


Occasionally I reflect on old skills that I no longer have. For instance, I took formal piano lessons from age 5 to 17. That’s 12 years! Ask me now if I can read music? Ask me now if I still remember all my scales and which key has which flats or sharps? Nope and nope. I have no one else to blame but me. I don’t practice. I didn’t invest in a keyboard to keep me fresh when I went away to college and lived on my own.

Another skill I had that is no longer is Flash. In high school I took an independent study class where all I had to do was learn Flash. My project was an entire site in Flash. I dropped it completely when I entered college and forgot about it. I discovered the software recently on a community computer and the movie below is all I managed to do. So sad yes? Maybe I’ll read some tutorials and freshen up. Hope the movie isn’t giving you a twitch. Quick! Scroll down to take 3!


I mentioned last weekend that I went to visit a close friend and her family in Houston. They are suffering the loss of her older brother. I spent most of my weekend with her family. All we did was sit and talk. Sit and talk on the sidewalk. Sit and talk on the freshly cut grass of her front yard. Sit and talk in a bathroom. On a staircase, in the living room, at the side of the house. Though my heart ached for her family, I am grateful they have each other and it was nice to be in their company. I’m selfishly happy that I was able to give hugs and see their faces. I’m happy they still have a sense of humor, though a little muted. I pray for their healing hearts. If you have a prayer left in you, please say one for them.


Tomorrow I have a meeting with a couple of casting directors for a reality TV show. How random is that? It’s from the same producers of The Amazing Race. They found me through this blog and she said I looked cute with a good personality. (Hey, I’ll take it!) Anyway, I’m fuzzy on all the details about the show. It’s a month sometime next year and I don’t know how that would work with my job. I will say though, even if it doesn’t work, it’s super neat to be approached!


You know what’s awesome? I met my goal of raising 300 dollars for Race for the Cure and have since raised it twice. My friends are charitable! I’m also digging their pseudoymns they’re using. Who knew Brock Lesnar is charitable? If you have five dollars to spare for breast cancer research, please consider donating by clicking onto my race page.


Halloween 2008

Halloween is next weekend! I’m craving a good scary movie. I’m a bad scary movie buddy. I gasp during innocuous moments which have been known to cause a chain reaction in theaters. Sometimes I’ll grab you suddenly out of fright and consequently make you pee your pants. I’ve made Deesh squeal/yelp/yell. All this still doesn’t change the fact that I’m craving a scary movie. May have to organize something. Anyone want to rent Candyman with me?


Martin wrote a post about living smaller and not multitasking. He talks about reducing online and real life commitments and bringing focus to your life. Though you won’t see me disconnecting my Facebook, (My long lost sister found me on Facebook!) I have been taking baby steps towards living smaller. Mostly by watering and giving sunshine to my meaningful relationships. I want to cultivate closer relationships with fewer people. See no. 7 in this list of 100 Ways to Uncomplicate your Life.

Question: Do you have any lost skills or talents? Ever think about reviving your relationship with them?