Friday Feels

Friday Feels

Hi everyone! What do you have going on this weekend? I’m driving down to Houston to spend some time with my mom in honor of Mother’s Day. I’m trying to prioritize seeing them more. Time spent with parents gets even more precious when we get older. What are you doing this weekend? What’s been making you laugh these days?

I’ve been sitting on some of these links for a while and thought it’s time to share them for a round of Friday Feels, a list of pieces of the internet that made me feel feelings.

  • lisasyarns

    Yea! A post from you! I missed your posts! I totally could not get Phil on board with coordinating/matching outfits. I tried to get him to wear a pink shirt to the party my coworker threw for us as I wore pink pants and a cream shirt. He was like – NOPE.

    Love that modern love piece about change and marriage. I can see how you can have several different marriages in the course of a marriage. I mean if I had gotten married in my 20s, I’d be on my 2nd marriage-within-a-marriage at this point since I feel like I’m a completely different person!

    Enjoy the time with your parents this weekend! I won’t see my mom today but I will see her lots next week!! Today we are going to Phil’s mom’s for the day. She’s going to help me assemble our wedding welcome bags which means going to Costco which is pretty much her FAVORITE place to go…. And then we are grilling dinner for her. Should be a fun day together. I got her a little gift and a card. Might be her first gift/card from Phil ever (he’s against spending money on cards). But he says every Sunday is Mother’s Day as he goes out there for about 6-8 hours every Sunday to do chores and such and to spend time with her (she’s a widow). The way he takes care of his mom is one of the things I love best about Phil.

    • Ah it must make your momma very happy to see her baby girl getting married! Congrats gurl!!! Thanks for leaving comments on my intermittent blog posts. They encourage me to be better at posting!