Friday Feels

Friday Feels

Friday Feels

Happy Friday, friends!! I had a really busy week that seemed to zoom by. How about you? Accomplished any nagging tasks? Have fun things lined up for the weekend? I’m heading to Houston tonight for a photo gig tomorrow and to celebrate an early Father’s Day with the pops.

Enjoy this week’s round up of links that made me feel feelings.

  • I’m half entrenched in the gig economy and health benefits is top on my list of concerns.

  • Speaking of gigs, here are 12 women and their side hustles.
  • This is beautiful and heartbreaking.
  • I can gawk at National Geography photography all day.
  • Currently reading and enjoying American Wife. Thanks Lisa for the rec!
  • Difference between inspiration and imitation.
  • A good-hearted and creative roast is sometimes tickles me. Enter Bow Wow challenge.

  • I only won’t eat one thing off this list. Can you guess it?
  • Was just talking to one of my besties about how breakfast dates make us happy.
  • I was having a conversation with a friend of mine recently. Maybe the question isn’t what makes you happy but what are you willing to suffer for?
  • I love the kinds of people who would fill potholes with plants.

  • A master class on conservation by Jane Goodall.
  • Personal Plugs

  • My favorite cupcakes in Austin.
  • I’ve been spending a lot of time on Instagram. Wanna hang?
    • Julie

      American Wife is a great book!

      • I finished it this weekend. Loved it!

    • lisasyarns

      I am glad you are enjoying American Wife. I get really nervous making blanket book recommendations on IG but that book was so wonderful. I remember flagging so many passages. I feel like I wrote a book review about it but my blog is not searchable (I tried to add the gadget for that on blogger once and it didn’t work so I gave up). But I remember loving it so am glad you are enjoying it, too!!

      • Just finished it this weekend. Totes write that review! Google search could still find it.

    • lisasyarns

      Oh and my guess is your won’t eat Marmite. If that is the same as veggie mite, which I tried when I was in Australia, then take my word and don’t try it if you haven’t because it’s DISGUSTING!

      • I haven’t had it but I would totally eat it! Haha

        I won’t eat raw onions.

    • That photo journal on her parent’s cancer story, UGH.

      • RIGHT?

        It makes me want to take all the photos but I already do.

    • btw Love that photo of you and sugar face!

      • Thank you! I love this photo too! His smile is too dang cute in it. Haha.