Pros and Cons of having Girlfriends

Pros of Having Girlfriends

  • You can borrow clothes, accessories, shoes.
  • You can bitch about men and have an understanding ear.
  • Girls are more sensitive.
  • Girlfriends never complain about watching click flicks
  • Girls are more enthusiastic shopping buddies.
  • Girls are more enthusiastic gossip buddies.
  • Girls give great thoughtful gifts.
  • Girls let you break down situations down to the minute detail and will sit there and overanalyze with you. If that is indeed what you want.
  • Girls are quicker to send flowers.
  • Girls are quicker to dance with you.
  • Girls would let you vent without invalidating your feelings as silly or ask you if you’re on your period.
  • Girls would plan an outing just to get dressed up.

Cons of Having Girlfriends

  • Girls hold grudges
  • Girls are more sensitive.
  • Girls gossip.