first conversations an indicator of what the future holds?

I’m trying to try this dating thing and I’m reminded of how quickly from the first conversation you can assess the likelihood of whether the person you’re chatting with is someone you can spend more time with, have a relationship with, or even respect. I’m not jaded enough to think there are no quality (my version of quality now, not yours) men out there. I’m sure I’d run into more duds then winners but man, are there some losers out there. Now no one is perfect but I think we all have to have a list of nonnegotiables. I had my list to guide me… must be intellectually stimulating in some way or another, independent, fairly good looking, fun loving and playful, trustworthy, blah blah blah. Then there’s my “cherry on the sundae” list which consists of nice jawlines, goofy, loves to read, a humanitarian, adventurous, oh.. and it’s also definitely a bonus if he has rhythm.

Well I find myself walking away a lot lately when things never originally on the nonnegotiable list start to glare at me and I find myself unable to NOT runaway.

Racist jokes on the first conversations. Cheesy juvenile “umm.. are you getting me something for Christmas?” is somewhat forgivable and tolerable until the offender pushes and pushes for a Christmas gift. I can only assume he thinks it’s cute. Does this work on anyone? Finally, relentless “negs” might work on the “Pickup Artist”, but I’ve seen girls wanting to just hurl beer bottles at men when they pick on insecurities in hopes of successfully flirting. Negs are tricky. If you don’t know how to playfully tease, don’t do it. Insinuating that the girl is dumb and that she is dripping with desire for you are usually turn-offs. I understand everyone deserves a chance and even racist people want love, but I think people should at least try to take their time before disclosing unflattering aspects of their personality.

Oh! Also try to remember her name. That helps.