25 Life Lessons From Dad

I celebrated Father’s Day by having dim sum with my dad yesterday morning. I thought I’d pay public tribute to him with this list of 25 life lessons he has taught me.

  1. If you don’t know something, don’t be shy to ask questions.
  2. You’re extremely lucky if you have one true friend to last you through life.
  3. Nothing lasts. Spouses will die.
  4. Don’t cry about people who don’t cry about you.
  5. People are not their jobs.
  6. There’s a lot to learn. Don’t be smug.
  7. Don’t fixate on the things that are out of your control.
  8. Books are friends.
  9. The human spirit is resilient, capable of withstanding war and loss.
  10. Persistence solves problems.
  11. Improvising solves problems.
  12. When you lose everything, start over.
  13. When you fail, start over.
  14. Pay your credit card bill in full every month.
  15. Don’t rush. Walk at a leisurely pace. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s.
  16. Sometimes we forget to breathe. Breathe.
  17. Don’t take for granted your mother’s love. Endure the nagging. It’s evidence of motherly love. (He grew up without a mom.)
  18. Protect your family.
  19. People’s perception of you doesn’t change who you are.
  20. Not everyone will feel and think the same way as you. Remember this when you’re angry or hurt.

  21. Marvel at small things.
  22. A good education should be prioritized over having your own room, having a nice car, going on nice vacations, having awesome toys, having a nice house, and many other things.
  23. Things can always be a lot worse. Be grateful for what you have.
  24. Be fearless. (He’s pushed for me to be fearless numerously in regards to bugs and snakes and toxic relationships.)
  25. Take care of and pride in what you have.

Happy Father’s Day to all the loving fathers and father figures out there!