Friday Feels

Friday Feels

This week was unrelenting with terrible news. I’m hoping you find some peace in the company of your loved ones. I’m looking forward to seeing my family in Houston, with pup in tow. I will keep Martin Luther King’s words close. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”

Here are this week’s links that made me feel things.

  • lisasyarns

    Last week was such a sad and heart breaking week. I had to stop watching the news and reading article because it was just too upsetting. :(

    I did not know that Alain de Botton wrote a new book! I will have to check it out! It was fun to hear him at the beginning of that TAL episode but the rest of that episode was sort of meh for me. I wil have to check out the other podcast you mentioned.

  • San

    Ryan Reynolds is like the ” full package” <3