30 Days of Vegetables, Part 3

Yesterday was the last day in my 30 Days of Vegetables project. I mark this occasion with the last of my 30 day diary and tomorrow a wrap-up list post.

If you missed it and have no idea what I’m talking about, check out these two entries: Part 1,
Part 2.

Day 21:

Chinese broccoli as part of a huge dim sum feast at Winsor Dim Sum Cafe in Boston.

Day 22:

I followed up a fun trip to H&M in Boston with Shabu Zen (I blogged about it 2 years ago the last time I was in Boston). This time I was a more willing participant of the vegetables. As mentioned in part 2, I used to steer clear from vegetables all together, but now that I’m seeking them out, I’m learning that cooked veggies in delicious spicy broth is much more appetizing than a raw salad.

The Veggie Delight plate at Shabu Zen

Day 23:

Breakfast pizza had roasted bell peppers and onions from Flour in Boston. Full day of flying meant rest of the day’s diet was subject to airport menus.

Day 24:

First day at work, didn’t pack a lunch. (Got into town at 11pm the night before.) I had Chipotle burrito bowl with lettuce.

Day 25:

Again with the Chipotle. I am beginning to feel guilty. The sour cream, buttery rice, and cheese can make one bowl about 1500 calories. (I know this because I used to ironically do weight loss counseling at my previous job.) In college I used to order 3 with my then boyfriend and we both would eat 1.5 Chipotle burritos in one sitting. He was an aspiring football player who worked out up to 3 hours a day. Me? I had no excuse, just a ridiculously high metabolism.

Anyway, the point is. I am starting to feel guilty and for the first time in my long history with Chipotle, I added black beans for extra health and ate only half a burrito bowl. Big victory, me stopping at half!

Day 26:

The other half of the burrito bowl. I see the detriment of not preparing and planning my work lunches the Sunday night before the work week. I succumb to fast food and eating a bit of fast food makes me want more fast food.

I might have added an order of Wendy’s chicken nuggets to my Chipotle.

Don’t look at me like that.

I nibbled on grilled bell peppers and onions as part of shrimp skewers for dinner.

Day 27:

I had a full day ahead which included a graduation and then a possible TV appearance for an episode of Eat St. (as mentioned in previous blog entry) at a food trailer called Pig Vicious. Pig. Vicious. Lots of bacon and grease in my day’s plan and so I dumped a whole tomato (sliced) into my Korean Ramen for lunch.

Again, don’t look at me like that.

Day 28:

I ate a horribly big and unhealthy breakfast at Juan in a Million. Made me feel guilty so I scheduled a work out with Brandi. I brought over a batch of kale to make into chips. We baked these chips before hitting the gym for 45 minutes. I packed a serving for tomorrow’s vegetables.

Day 29:

Semi-fail. The kale chips tasted plasticy today. So I had two mangoes with my Wendy’s chicken nuggets. Fruits are like cousins to Vegetables. So, we good.

Day 30:

Went to O’s, an overpriced campus cafe, for half a Greek salad to complement the spaghetti I pulled from my freezer. It was refreshing. I love the bits of arugula, olives, feta cheese, and chickpeas.


What hurt me towards the last few days is not going to the grocery store and buying vegetables. I work at a university where our eats mostly consists of cheap fast food. Being as I overextended my budget (did I tell you I’m going month to month on my rent starting this month and it goes up 200 dollars?) with the traveling and socializing, I settled for Chipotle and Wendy’s for lunches, and Starbucks and Burger King for breakfasts. Had I taken time to go to the store like I did before my trip to Boston, it would have been much healthier and easier.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you my final thoughts on this project. See you then!

Questions: What is one unhealthy habit that you have? What is keeping you from changing this habit?