7 Life Lessons Learned While Eating Vegetables

I’ve never attempted to start a good habit in such a structured and daily manner. For the past thirty days, I attempted to eat one serving of vegetables every day in an attempt to start a new habit. It never dawned on me that the experience would be an enlightening experience. I predicted that I would just gain a reluctant but dutiful relationship with vegetables. (The same kind of relationship I have with cleaning house and paying bills.) Surprisingly though, the project cemented a few life lessons. Let me share with you 7 life lessons I learned while eating vegetables.

  1. Positive change begets more positive changes. There was a ripple effect that took place that affected my other bad habits. I worked out more and was more open to fruit.
  2. Planning ahead and prep work is conducive to positive change. I had a better success rate when I bought vegetables ahead of time and planned out my vegetable intake at least a day ahead than I did winging it.
  3. Sometimes I perceive tasks as more difficult than they actually are. Previously, I thought vegetables and I cannot jive. That isn’t true at all! I was just too lazy to start changing so I leaned on false assumptions to justify my lack of action.
  4. Filling up on the good stuff, leaves less room for the bad stuff. I have a chronic addiction to chips. I often even eat it for breakfast. I found that the more vegetables I ate, the less I craved and ate chips. Maybe this is how life works in general. Having good people in your life, leaves less room for the bad people. Doing good things with your time, leaves less time to do bad things.
  5. There will be backsliding in the pursuit for self-improvement. All you need to do is start over right away.
  6. Frequent repetition solidifies a new habit. A habit is defined by the act of doing something routinely. To create a habit, repeat, repeat, repeat.
  7. Recruit help from loved ones. I told my best friend about my goal and asked for her help to keep me on track. It was as if she was my sponsor in “I Never Eat Vegetables” Anonymous, and every day I’d talk to her and tell her what my plans were for vegetables. When attempting to change something about your life, reach out to your loved ones and tell them how they can help you. Be specific. If you are trying to save money and have a shopping addiction, ask your friends not to invite you to places anywhere near a shopping center. If you are trying to be less sedentary, ask your friends to remember you when they do something active.

Question: What was the last good thing you did for yourself?